#1 Hashtag Search Tool for More Followers on Instagram
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The #1 hashtag search tool for instagram

Hashtagger makes it simple to generate the top relevant hashtags for posts on instagram. For starters, select a single hashtag or keyword. Next, select the best matches. Watch as Hashtagger expands your list of the hottest related tags along with their instagram counts. Lastly, Copy or Export the results. Easy!

The perfect hashtags for social media growth

By attaching a good mix of relevant tags to each post, you make it easier for new people to find you organically. This results in increased likes and followers.  Pound Social’s hashtag search tool can also be used with our instagram automation tools to identify niche audiences for automated growth tactics.

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Better hashtags means more visibility

Did you know that adding even a single hashtag to your post will produce an average of 12.6% more likes? More importantly, this engagement comes from new people outside your existing follower list!  That’s because hashtags are how people explore new content on instagram. In other words, by adding 30 unique hashtags to your posts, users will have 30 different paths to find your content.

Remove the guesswork from your hashtag strategy

With over 100 million posts added to instagram daily, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Your hashtag strategy needs to consider how relevant the tags are to your content and your profile’s likelihood of getting featured for added exposure. Pound Social’s hashtag search tool simplifies this, delivering the perfect tags for your profile and post to attract your target audience.


Hashtagger Service, Paid Month to Month
$ 12
  • 1,000 Monthly Lookups
  • Additional Lookups $.01/mo


Hashtagger Service, Paid Annually
$ 8
  • 1,500 Monthly Lookups
  • Additional Lookups $.005/mo